Support for Statistical Data Production

Official Statistics-based Services

The National Statistics Center provides various national and local government and private and corporate sector bodies with a service based on the shared basic operation and use of official statistics. One such system is the Inter-Ministry Information System for Official Statistics (IMISOS). As part of a decentralized statistical structure, Japan’s official statistics are managed and provided by each responsible national or local government body.

The IMISOS has been established as part of government efforts to initiate promotion of e-government and allows for the sharing of statistical operations of each national or local government body through information technology and is used as an integrated system by such government bodies when creating and providing official statistical data.

The IMISOS is made up of a total of 13 different sub systems, including a searchable and downloadable database and online survey system. The National Statistics Center is in charge of the operation and management of this system.

Beginning in fiscal year 2009, a new official statistics system will be enforced, offering increased opportunities for the use of official statistics such as the compilation of tailor-made statistics for researchers and educational institutes to conduct academic research and statistical analysis compiled from anonymous survey data. The National Statistics Center is currently making preparations for the development of new services that will form the foundation of official statistics including the development of an archive function for survey data and the provision of new statistics services.