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Message from the President

President Dr. hiroe Tsubaki

The National Statistics Center (NSTAC) forms a part of the central statistical organization in Japan as an incorporated administrative agency. We will realize the following three missions, under our motto of "For the people, society and the future."

The first mission is to "Produce Statistics." NSTAC shall organize reliable statistics such as the population, unemployment rate and consumer price index, which contribute to evidence based policy making to improve the people's daily lives in Japan. NSTAC will also support the facilitation of useful statistics for planning new activities by ministries and local governments.

The second mission is to "Exploit Statistics." In these times of volatile and increasingly complicated socioeconomic environments, NSTAC shall develop and provide effective information services that enable people to make reasonable decisions while appropriately exploiting official statistics. In particular, NSTAC will promote activities that lead the initiatives of open data policy for public information, as well as support for the best practices of statistical data utilization.

The third mission is to "Support Statistics." NSTAC shall develop and operate necessary information systems to support the production of statistics by ministries, local governments, international organizations and governments of other countries.

In order to accomplish our missions, the NSTAC shall be working together with the Statistics Bureau of Japan (SBJ), the Director-General for Policy Planning (Statistical Standards) and each ministry in Japan. Furthermore, we will do our best to meet the expectations of the people by continually improving our work process more effectively and efficiently. To this end, we will develop the best available technology such as the latest ICT and knowhow we have accumulated over a long time. We will also pursue the growth of our human resources who will have to play an essential role in official statistics fields in future.

And we will have to organize systematic activities to deepen our cooperation with the government, local governments, private enterprises, universities and research organizations not only to promote official statistics activities but to create new value to the society by official statistics.

The NSTAC believes all people who can share such social needs for the production and utilization of statistics are our potential customers.

I offer my cordial thanks for your continued support for our activities.

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