Data processing of Official Statistics and Compilation of Statistical Information conducted by NSTAC

Japanese basic Statistical Surveys conducted by the Statistics BureauExternal site opens in another window.

Population Census

The Population Census is the most basic and large scale survey in Japan to clarify the demographic composition by sex, age, marital status, type of work, type of household, etc.. The result of the Census is the essential data in various fields, such as the allocation of Diet seats, analysis of population structure and academic research, etc..

Establishment and Enterprise Census

This survey aims to survey the actual situation such as the industry, number of persons engaged, income, etc, of all establishments and enterprises, and thereby provides basic data for various policies for industrial development, employment policy, social environmental improvement, etc.. The survey will take the form of a more comprehensive “Economic Census” from 2009.

Housing and Land Survey

This survey aims to obtain basic data for housing and land policy and urban improvement for the whole country and prefectures by investigating the actual situations of dwellings and other occupied buildings (number of housing, number and area of dwelling rooms, facilities), tenure of land, etc..

Unincorporated Enterprise Survey

This survey aims to survey the business sentiment of business proprietors and total sales and purchases once a quarter of the year, and rhe structural characteristic of management, such as ages of business proprietors, whether a successor has been found to take over the business, etc., and thereby provides basic data for various policies about unincorporated enterprise.

Labour Force Survey

This survey consists of the basic questionnaire which surveys labour force status, weekly hours worked, kind of the job etc. for persons 15 years old and over (every month) and the special questionnaire which surveys the type of employment, employment status etc. (once a quarter of the year), thereby to provide basic data for economic policy, employment policy, etc.

Survey of Research and Development

This survey enumerates the expenditures, number of researchers, contents on research and development, and thereby provides basic data for the development policy of science and technology.

Employment Status Survey

This survey aims to obtain basic data on the actual conditions of the employment structure, such as number of employment, kind of industry and occupation, working hours, income, etc., and thereby to provides basic data for welfare policy, etc.

Family Income and Expenditure Survey

This survey enumerates the income and expenditure every month, and the yearly income, and thereby provides basic data for planning economic policy.

Survey on Time Use and Leisure Activities

This survey aims to survey people’s time allocation and leisure activities to clarify the actual state of people’s life, and thereby provides basic data for several kinds of administrative measures concerned people’s life and welfare.

Survey of Household Economy

Aimed at households throughout Japan, this survey examines monthly purchase frequency of high-end products and services and IT-related consumption. The results are used as base material for understanding economic trends and analysis of personal consumer trends.

National Survey of Family Income and Expenditure

This survey aims to obtain data concerning family income and expenditure, savings and liabilities, the ownership status of housing and housing lots and major household durable goods possessed. The data collected in the survey elucidates the level of consumption, income and assets, and the actual status of durable goods possessed, and thereby provides basic data for various administrative policies.

Retail Price Survey

This survey aims to get the nation-wide information on retail prices at retail stores of important goods, services and house rents, which have major weights in the people’s living expenditures and thereby provides basic data for “Consumer Price Index (CPI)” and other economic statistics.

National Survey of Prices

This survey enumerates the selling price, charge, the selling style, etc., about the important goods and services for consumer life. The Survey results are used as basic data for the price policy, the regional economic policy and other economic policies.

Compilation of Statistical Information

Population Estimates

The Population Estimates grasps population by 5-year age group and sex for Japan as of the first day of each month and population by age (single year) and sex for Japan as of October 1. The figures are computed with the Census population as the base and obtain population changes from the Vital Statistics, the Statistics on Legal Migrants, and so on.

Consumer Price Index

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) aims to measure the average price change in purchases of goods and services by households throughout the country. It is widely used as the key indicators of current financial management, consumer administration, and so on.

System of Social and Demographic Statistics

System of Social and Demographic Statistics (SSDS) is a system by which regional statistical data are collected, normalized and organized. The SSDS shows the life of Japanese people, such as the natural environment, population, household, economic infrastructure, education, labour, health and medical care.

Grid-Square Statistics

The Grid-square statistics are small-area statistics compiled on the basis of square-area units of nearly uniform size, dividing the whole area of Japan. The results of the Population Census, the Establishment and Enterprise Census, and so on are compiled into Grid-square Statistics.