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Organization, etc.

The goals of this incorporated administrative agency, the scope of our work and our organization.


The National Statistics Center tabulates census and survey returns, including the Population Census, concerning the fundamental matters of the nation (as regulated by Article 4 Number 85 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Establishment Law), as well as maintaining the reliability of statistics and improving statistics technology through conducting research related to the activities above.

(Article 3, National Statistics Center Law)

The Scope of Our Work

In order to achieve the goals stated in Article 3, the Center will perform the following.

  • (1) Tabulate the Population Census
  • (2) Tabulate census and survey returns upon entrustment by the administrative bodies of the national and local governments.
  • (3) Accumulate and process necessary data connecting compilation and usage of statistics.
  • (4) Perform research into technology necessary for (1) - (3) above.
  • (5) Perform other work related to all above items.
(Article 10, National Statistics Center Law)


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:688(as of 01/01/2017)

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