When Using This Site

Use of the NSTAC Logo

The National Statistics Center (NSTAC) Logo is a symbol of the organization. To ensure its public credibility, and to avoid any misunderstanding that NSTAC supports or authenticates a specific individual or organization, we formulate rules for the use of the logo as follows.

Third parties other than NSTAC and the staff of NSTAC may not use the logo except in the following cases:

  • When producing goods, etc. with the logo at the request of NSTAC
  • When using the logo on materials and goods produced for the project, etc. commissioned by NSTAC to indicate that the project, etc. are commissioned by NSTAC
  • When using the logo to indicate that the project, etc. are cosponsored by NSTAC (non-commercial use only)
  • When the logo is included in the reprinting of materials published by NSTAC
  • When linking to NSTAC’s website using the logo
  • When using the logo for the purpose of reporting on NSTAC by media organizations such as television, newspapers, magazines, etc.

If you wish to use NSTAC logo and do not violate the above rules, please contact the Corporate Development Division, General Affairs Department, National Statistics Center (TEL: 03-5273-1211).