Role of NSTAC

A Specialist Agency Supporting Japan’s Official Statistics System

The official statistics of Japan, led by the Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, is primarily organized through what is known as a “decentralized” organizational system in drawing up all necessary statistical information for administration from each Ministry or Agency. The National Statistics Center, in addition to performing tabulation of basic national statistics , such as the Population Census and Consumer Price Index, also works on behalf of various national and local government offices and agencies in tabulating various data and statistics to support the improvement of statistics for government departments. On top of tabulation, the National Statistics Center is also engaged in developing new functions to provide both public and private stakeholders with a business and use framework for official statistics, including a statistical data dissemination system, online survey system, and a statistical frame of establishments and enterprises. The National Statistics Center is also engaged in research and development and participates in academic conferences as part of its efforts to contribute to improving official statistics. This is in addition to the Center’s involvement in technical cooperation with developing countries as it, together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, acts as Japan’s central statistical body to help maintain an official statistics system for Japan.

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