Management Principles

The three missions of NSTAC are “Producing Reliable Statistics (Produce Statistics),” “Promoting Utilization of Statistical data (Exploit Statistics),” and “Supporting the Development of Official Statistics (Support Statistics)” while NSTAC promotes the improvement of techniques and technologies for official statistics and appropriate management of the organization. NSTAC contributes to the improvement of information infrastructure for a prosperous society and the well-being of people while ensuring the credibility of statistics and reliable techniques.

Chart of the management principles

Producing Reliable Statistics (Produce Statistics)

We promptly provide high quality and reliable statistics utilizing its experience and expertise cultivated over many years to contribute to socioeconomic development so that the produced statistics represent changes and trends in socio-economic conditions under the thorough protection of confidentiality.

Promoting Utilization of Statistical Data (Utilize Statistics)

In order to meet users’ diverse needs, we contribute to promoting statistical data utilization by providing various services under strict management of statistical data, which is the information base supporting the development of society.

Supporting the Development of Official Statistics (Support Statistics)

In order to proceed with the provision of a service based on the shared basic operation and use of official statistics and to further improve the quality o statistics and the maintenance of the reliability of statistics, we, as a member of the central official statistical system in Japan, support the development of official statistics by utilizing its accumulated know-how.

Improvement of Techniques and Technologies for Official Statistics

We positively utilize advanced ICT. We also contribute to the research and development of advanced methods for official statistics, applying scientifically valid statistical theories while collaborating with academic research institutes, foreign countries, and international organizations.

Appropriate Management of the Organization

We promote advancement and improving the efficiency of work while carrying out sound and appropriate management of the organization under a high sense of mission and ethics as a member of official statistical organizations. We also promote the improvement of our culture so as to increase the organization value and enhance staff consciousness so that staff find work rewarding.