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Ensuring Reliable Tabulation of Statistics

Maintaining High Quality through Efficient Management

As Japan continues to experience the problem of an aging society combined with a falling birth rate, the country faces a real challenge of the impact of a declining population on today's society. As part of its effort to achieve the goal of restoring financial/health to the central and local governments, Japan is also experiencing ongoing attempts at administrative and financial reforms. With incorporated administrative agencies leading the charge in such reform, the National Statistics Center is pressing ahead in its efforts in simplification and rationalization of business management as it pursues a business management that is efficient and financially viable. Tabulation work involved in generating statistics means that ensuring accuracy and reliability are essential. This is combined with a requirement for performing such work with no delays or hold ups. Simple staff reductions and the simplification of work processes would result in the Center being unable to maintain the high quality of its product and achieve tabulation of data that could meet the high levels of trust demanded by both government and society.

This therefore means that the National Statistics Center is continuing with efforts at realizing the efficiency and economic viability of its operational management through ensuring the accuracy of statistics based on promotion of technical development such as an automatic coding system and a management structure backed up by accurate technology. Based on plans for expansion of the scope of its private businesses, the Center has placed an increasing emphasis on employees for core business requiring specialist skills such as planning, design, process management, and quality control. This is part of the Center's commitment to ensuring effective business management capable of maintaining provision of high quality products and enhancing its corporate function.

Maintaining High Quality through Efficient Management

Business Innovation through Information Technology

Through expansion of its statistical surveys using online survey system and improvements in OCR technology, together with increasing the memory capacity and speed of its computers, the National Statistics Center has been able to dramatically upgrade and enhance the possible range of use of its computers in performing tabulation of statistics. The National Statistics Center is currently working towards the realization of highly effective business management and the provision of satisfactory services based on promoting research and development into basic information technology and the introduction of such technology into all aspects of its business undertakings to enable provision of quality services with fewer resources.

Business Innovation through Information Technology

Comprehensive Information Security

Ensuring information security is a matter of prime importance at the National Statistics Center, and the Center takes every measure to ensure the privacy of individuals who have participated in surveys, with statistical data subject to strict controls prior to its disclosure.

Computers that handle survey data are kept disconnected from the internet and any other external networks such as the Kasumigaseki WAN network. Other data such as survey forms and digitized results are processed on host computers and servers maintained in dedicated facilities equipped with 24-hour surveillance and subject to high security level entry procedures to ensure the safety and security of this information. The Center's daily operations are also subject to comprehensive information control, with e-learning training on information security provided on an annual basis for all of the Center's employees. This is all part of efforts to maintain and improve the level of employees’ information security.

Use of security gate and biometric authentication at entry to dedicated facility

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